ULTRA CLEAN CENTRALISED SYSTEMS CCPT (CentralizEd Cleaning and Paint removal) 

The Airmation CCPT (Centralized Cleaning and Paint removal) systems are designed to be highly efficient where centralized high pressure water cleaning and paint removal operations are needed, responding to a logic of rationality and maximum safety of work operations.

Product quality and integration as best strategy: we consider that the improvement of the quality of the products is absolutely the best strategy for efficiency and to reduce the probability of failure.
In the context of Airmation CCPT systems, the interaction and logic of all the components provided is intended to ensure, in addition to efficiency, maximum safety in the operation of the plant during all operations of connection, work and control.

Security expansion system shall:
Complete high pressure units, rigid and flexible installation connections, equipped columns designed as safety modules with mechanical and electronic devices, up to the final cleaning tools (manual guns or automatic trolleys), everything is designed according to a rule: develop and select all the force of pressure to the various users, spreading and overcoming the concept of safety at each level.